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The book is here!
Here is how you can help...

Your Voice is a powerful tool.


The book is here and we are so excited! 

This book will provide the hope, courage, grace, and strength needed to use your voice to share your story. 

People have been asking for ways to support us and we could not be more thankful. 

Here are some ways that you can support us as we embark on advertising, marketing, and travel costs to go on our book tour. 

Thank you so much!

You may click the arrow to take you to Venmo to support us in any way that you can. 

Our user name is: AWhitt7578 / last 4 of phone number (8067)

Options of how you can help:


I just want a book!

You just want a book!  No problem! For $50 you can get that book PLUS a handmade/handstitched leather bookmark with our logo on it. What a better way to support veteran-owned businesses and represent "A Wild Ride Called Life"


(1) Ebook
Free Shipping
($60 value)
Design Book

Invest in YOU!

If you are interested in doing something for yourself and want to share the wealth, you can choose to receive:
4 printed copies to share with others or donate them to those who can benefit from the book. 
You will also receive:
(2) 1-hour coaching, mentor session with me


(4) copies
$10 Shipping
($600 value)

Be a Sponsor

If you would like to become a sponsor, you can either receive or donate 30 printed copies of the book
You will also receive:
(2) three hours customized session to your choosing (workshop or roundtable, seminar, etc)
3 shout outs on all social media platform to include my website
Acknowledgment on all book tours
Free ebook

* If you don't want 30 copies then let's donate them to those who can benefit from them. 
** This sponsorship level will also help us with marketing, publishing and book tour expenses

30 copies, Free ebook
Free shipping
($1,425 value)

Want to Donate?

If you are interested in supporting us then we would appreciate your donation of $150 to use towards publishing costs, marketing, travel expenses for the book tour.
You will also get (1) printed book or a free ebook when it becomes available.


(1) Ebook
Free Shipping
($200 value)

Start a Book Club

If you would this package to start your own book club, you will receive:
(12) printed copies
2 (2-hours) or (3) 1-hour guest appearance at your book club either in person or online

*Book clubs are an amazing way to learn, grow and create a community. Let me help you create that opportunity for only $550

12 copies,free ebook
$15 shipping
($800 value)

You can 
Purchase just the book here

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