Hi there! If any of these items interest you, select the item or go to the bottom of the page and fill out a request form. Proceeds help support this project. 

Price and availability subject to change. 

Hats wEmbroidery.jpg

Snapback Hats



Ceramic Mug


Hats wEmbroidery.jpg

Snapback Hats


2x3 stickers.jpg

Stickers (2x3)



Pop Socket


Size varies



Request Quote

Pop Socket - $15.00

Stickers (4x4) - $8.00

Stickers (2x3) - $5.00

Ceramic Mug - $20.00

Snapback Hats - $20.00

Custom Bracelets - $60.00

Items are not in stock and are made to order. Availability and pricing may be subject to change. Requests are for pricing and availability only. No payments necessary at this time. 


Requests received will be verified and an official quote will be provided to you. Orders will not be placed until payment is received.