Being Tired

Real life.

Mom, Veteran, Military Spouse, Entrepreneur, blogger, motivational speaker, coach. I’m tired. I share my real life drama, failures and successes. When I try and explain what I do and why I do it. It’s all of that and to help people like me who are going through it too. We are human. We make mistakes. One thing for sure is that I love my people. My tribe. My girls and guys. I’m tired some days but I am making it. I am walking. I am breathing. I am living. Nothing can hold me back ....because God has me. He truly has shown me that he does. I don’t need to impress anyone, but myself. Each day I get to see my son and FaceTime my daughter is a huge win. It doesn’t matter how I tired I am because all that matters is that I am alive, scars, cane and all. I love my family and my people for loving me for me. Wake up each day and just remember that you got to see another day.





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